Town Hall of Montcavrel
Mairie de Montcavrel
3 bis, rue de Sehen
62170 Montcavrel
Tel. : 03-21-06-03-86
Fax : 03-21-81-62-78
The town hall opens on Monday and Thursday between
6.30PM and 7.30 PM.
Syndicat d'Initiative de la Vallée de la Course
Mairie d'Estrée
11, rue de la Course
62170 ESTREE
Tél. : 03-21-06-12-79
Fax : 03-21-81-43-78
River Course Valley Tourist Information
An exhibition of old pictures and films of the school of Montcavrel
is planned around August, 15 th 2001. If you have documents about
the school of Montcavrel, please contact us.

The fair occurs on the first Sunday of September.
On the first week-end of April 2001, the "Rallye du Touquet" will
organize a race against the clock in Montcavrel for the French
Rally Championship - 1st division.